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Introducing Cinq Detroit

I had the pleasure of photographing these five amazing local women a few weeks ago to celebrate the early stages of their new venture together, Cinq Detroit.  Minus the cold temps (both inside and out!), we had so much fun together and I was thrilled to capture the bond that they share.  Just a few of my favorite images and a little bit from Cinq Detroit below!

Cinq Detroit is a consulting group of five professional women in the Detroit advertising and technology community whose goal is to have an economic & social impact on small businesses and non-profits in the city of Detroit.  We wish to connect people within our community with local organizations, bringing people together who can make a difference for each other.  We believe in creating a long-term relationship with the city of Detroit, connecting networks to make a sustainable and continuous difference.  We are not fundraisers, we are not coders, we are not for profit.  Our focus is on three pillars: 1) Community, 2) Connection & 3) Consulting.










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